First Impression is The Last Impression: It Works at School Too!

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First Impression is The Last Impression: It Works at School Too!

We all are well acquainted with the value of making the first impression a good one on others, either it is a job interview or it is your first date. But what we don’t consider is the first impression which is made at the school. As the time for the first day at school approaches near, prepare your child according to the approaches described below so that he/she may stay tough in the classroom.

• Be prepared: Make sure that the child has everything in the bag which might be needed on the first day of school. It portrays a message that the child as well as the parents are committed to the studies in the school. There is a list of things which is provided from the school management, get all those supplies because it is a good indicator that your child is all-set to learn and the parents are also serious about the studies.

• Meet the teacher in person: Teachers usually appreciate those parents who bring the supplies to the school on the first day themselves. They also appreciate it if the parents come to meet them. This also promotes the chances to enhance the readiness of the child in the school environment.

• Dress nicely: It works for your child as well. If you want to make a good impression for your child, then it is necessary to choose the right clothing. This does not mean that the child has to become a fashion guru, but the selection of the modest sort of clothing will convey the message that the child is ready to learn something new and not here to attend a party.

• Be comfortable: Try role playing for this purpose, for example, you can purchase some lunch for the child. This will help to curb up the overwhelming feelings, which are related to new experiences.

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