How to Make Your Essay Stand Apart?

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How to Make Your Essay Stand Apart?

Students’ lives are filled with misery, pain, chaos and homework till they cease being a student. You go from schools to colleges in the hope that somehow things are going to get less cagy with your parents no longer with you to make you do your homework but that’s anything but what actually happens. The wrath of homework assignments only grows a lot more frightening and you as a student are left spending weekends without any party. Literary assignments are the favorite homework for teachers to give when they don’t have anything else in mind. You might even get a homework from your science teacher where they ask you to write ten pages on the lifestyle of Albert Einstein over the long weekend just because there isn’t anything else and also because they feel like it, so why not? Essays are an integral part of a student’s life because you always end up writing them one way or the other. To write an essay with flair is something that only the skilled writers can do. So, how to make your essay stand apart even if you are not very good at writing? Easy! Just read the steps that you need to follow while writing an essay that we are to discuss down below and you are good to go:


Start with a timeline:

First up, you need to make a complete timeline of your essay. Mention the things that you want included in your essay in the form of points.


Clear your head:

After all the brainstorming, you need to take a small break to clear your head.


Start writing:

Only when you have done the above two tasks should you start writing.



If you don’t revise at the end, you are going to not come up with something substantial.

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