How to start your own academic blog in three steps?

How to start your own academic blog in three steps?

Introduction to Blogging

Blogging is the new charm of the internet and social media. You are assumed to be a pretty cool individual, if you manage to have your own blogging site or a blog. The basic premise of a blog is not very different from that of writing or maintaining your diary. However, it is publicly available and is meant to attract readers not kept private. Blogging in its most basic terms, is a piece of writing containing a message, a tutorial or one’s own personal opinion and is published on social media. It is usually written in a pretty creative and conversational style containing elements of informal language to spice up the reading elements.

Blogging or blog sites are usually managed by a group of people or an individual, so it means that there is no rocket science behind starting your own blog. You can do that right now, with a press of a few buttons. Following up the next three sections in this article, will help you identify the best way to start your own personal academic blog.

Select a theme for your blog

Blogging is one’s own personal views. However, to attract and create a group of readers continuously visiting your section you should have a set theme for it that people know of. Your theme could be like in this article academic, it could be general, politics or science. Anything you choose, you have to ensure all the writing related to it is credible and complete facts are given based on proper research.

Learn to use simple blogging software

You can also start by learning simple blogging software available on the internet. Like WordPress, this not only enhances your online skills, but also creates an attraction. WordPress gives you your own URL, that can be marketed or published and allows you unlimited blog posts. It also creates a network of people for you, posting similar things, so you can have people to follow you.

Develop your own style and market your blog

Every blogger is known for their writing. Develop your own style of presenting information and in no time your blog will be popular. Additionally, market your blogging URLs to relevant academic websites to promote your academic blog.

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