Step by Step Guide for Writing a Good Research Paper

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Step by Step Guide for Writing a Good Research Paper

Writing a good research paper takes a lot of time and hard work. It is an important part of almost every academic course. Find below a step by step guide about writing a good research report.

Selection of a good topic:

Start your work by selecting a good topic for your paper. Now a good topic is the one that provides scope for new development, can increase the knowledge of your readers and can easily grab their attention. If your professors have already assigned you a topic, then skip this step, but in case if you are given this opportunity then make sure you avail it effectively by selecting a good and impressive topic.

Collection of data:

A complete and detailed research process needs to be conducted for collecting data about the selected topic for writing in the report. There are different methodologies used for this purpose, such as interviews, questionnaires, surveys and focus group, etc. You can also collect data from internet, books, research journals and published articles, etc. Make sure you collect accurate and true data that is free of ambiguity because only then you will be able to write a good paper.

Report writing:

Once you have collected data, now start writing it in your paper by following a proper structure that is recommended by your professors. Usually the structure of a research report includes title page, acknowledgement, table of content, abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, discussion, recommendations and bibliography. Write only relevant data in these chapters by following their proper writing and format requirements. Don’t include unnecessary details.


After writing your report, proofread it one or two to three times. Proofreading helps in correcting the structure, spelling and grammatical mistakes that were left unnoticed while writing the report. Also get a feedback from your friends or family about your report before submitting it as it will help you in making necessary improvements if needed.

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